Saturday, December 29, 2012

{All Kinds of Amazing}

 Yesterday we ventured up to Northwest AR for a bit...I HAD NO IDEA THAT A GROCERY STORE COULD BRING ME SO MUCH JOY!?! I was kicking myself because I didn't have my camera.  I love and adore The Fresh Market. The music. The meat. The baskets. The fruit. The candy. The seafood. 
Oh yes, all the drinks in glass bottles! Dream. Dream. Dream. Little sample coffees with wooden stir sticks. 
Y'all life is good at the Promenade. 
I wasn't prepared to load up on groceries but we bought this and that.  I wanted to try these vegetable chips.
They are super tasty.  Super. Tasty.   
You would think I would be as equally excited about the Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, and Banana Republic, and I am, its just the feel of shopping in a "You've Got Mail Movie Market" really did it for me.
 Isn't this bedding lovely. I am over bedding at the moment though.  Whew! Aren't I glad!
I must tell you about one more thing. Popped Popcorn in the can from The Popped Popcorn Company
on Garrison Avenue! Who knew???!!!??? Well, apparently Mom did. This was one of our Christmas gifts. And, no doubt, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. . . because I cant stop eating it!!!
You buy the can for around $20 BUT you can go have it refilled. . . get this. . . $6!!!!
It's a crime people!
You can choose from more flavors than the law should allow.
It's amazing really.
All kinds of amazing.

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