Thursday, December 27, 2012

{This and That}

 Yes. This is what it has come to.  This is all parked right at our front door.  Waiting for some assistance.  Except assistance doesn't come until Monday, so. . . here it will sit. Mmm? Surely not?
Now, you would think my house would be clean as a whistle, but that is just not the case.
Just as I patiently waited for The Mr. to get my decorations down out of the attic. . . I am now patiently waiting for him to retrieve the totes. Did we just put up the Christmas tree yesterday?  I seriously feel that way!   There are very few (if any) things I wait or don't attempt to do on my own, but getting in the attic is where I swallow all my pride.  I do not want to fall.  I do not want to hit my head after I fall.  I do not want to be in a body cast. . . or worse. . . a coffin.
The point of my Nativity photo is to say I don't think I can pack it away. Just look at my Baby Jesus! He is glass and precious in every way. So, He and his Sweet Momma and Daddy are going in my hutch.  I am going to enjoy the Christmas Story all year long. My hutch is really starting to remind me of my Grandma Reathas! No rhyme or reason to the hodge-podge knick-knack assortment inside to a visitor, but they all told a story or had much meaning to her.  I remember hers fondly. . . seashells, stuffed animals (I might draw the line there), and even a fire cracker that looked like a rooster.
Dreamy. I say.
(Thus the hutch door open (below) being loaded up with this and that.)

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