Thursday, December 27, 2012

{She Can do More than Hook-Up with Ken }

 Tonight Lily gently tore off her paper and then struggled with the tape attached to each side of the box. . .finally, open!. . . she found a sweet little "girl" elf! She was very excited and knew all about the mischievous trouble these little elves can get into.  She really is as cute as a button. 
The question crosses my mind, "Do we really need any more help making Christmas more secular??" AND the answer is, NO.
I am a firm believer that you can turn anything into a "tool" to teach about the Lord, and this sweet little elf is no different!
 This sweet little face can do more than make sugar snow angels and hook-up with Ken Barbie.
She can. . . sit at Jesus feet in our nativity, read the Bible, do a devotion, and maybe write some scriptures on the chalkboard.
She will be used as a sweet reminder of the real reason for the season in our home.
We'll see what all she will do when she returns from the North Pole!!
Now. . . what to name her??  She's just too darn cute! 

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Becky Ames said...

Mrs. Baker did the elf on the shelf at school & Piper loved it. I love your ideas on making them more about Jesus!