Monday, December 31, 2012

{The Rink}

Yesterday after church we headed back up to NWA! We went to The Rink in Bentonville for a little ice skating.  I am really glad The Mr. is more adventurous than me!
He braved the ice to help the kids. 
The rink is set up a bit from their town square.  It appeared to be across from Crystal Bridges.
I am not real familiar with the area.
On our next trek up the hill I hope to visit the 5-10 & Crystal Bridges Museum.
Buddy did well. . . with a little help.  
You can see. . .
everyone took a few 
Buddy ultimately ended up in the warm car wrapped in a blanket.
I volunteered to take him! 
He is just like me!  We dont like being cold! Brrrrr!
They also have outdoor movies. I love that sort of thing! 
I love going to places that make you feel like you are million miles away. . . from reality.
It's all about the atmosphere to me. 
I loved eating here and the fish was wonderful! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Bentonville Square!

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