Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{Still in 2012}

Hello 2013! I should be writing about the New Year. . .but for some reason I am not quite
done with 2012! See what I mean?? Last night I packed up Christmas and The Mr. & Clayton helped me put things in the attic. Later, I thought I guess I could've been a tad more fun on New Years Eve!  But I just
felt like the "Christmas Bomb" needed to be diffused a bit. 

A few last lingering Christmas memories to share. . .
Snow coming down at Moms.  Gazing out her window, peering upon Main Street. 
The Hot Cocoa Station was a hit this year.  Especially the HUGE marshmallows. 
I feel like I should probably enjoy the "decorating" more. . . so next year (mental note). . . less will be more. 
Buddy got his very own BB gun. He was so excited! 
 I love love this picture! The Mr.'s hand. . . Love.
 How cute is this? 
 Have you noticed his dangling front tooth?? It does NOT need pulled, by the way.
Snow on Christmas Day was so beautiful! Minus my poor sister being out of power for 5 days in Little Rock! It was terrible for them.  Especially since she just had surgery.  We still haven't seen them for the holiday.
Ping-Ping Playing at Moms!
So fun!
Pa Pa and The Mr. were a real hoot!

It was fun even a 12 year old could enjoy. . .thank heavens.
One other thing I would like to take note of. . . 
As the kiddos have gotten older the gift giving seems to be a tad more challenging to us.
I don't exactly mean just because things are more expensive. . .But just saying, "No".
This year was one of the first years that we didn't buy much from the "list".
We said "No" to some video game request.
We didn't go overboard to make sure we had the $100 jeans under the tree.
But then we weren't even sure about the things we did buy!
Its hard to put what I am trying to say into words, but I have several 
months to get my game plan down for next Christmas. 
It's time to mix it up a tad. . . 

I still would like to share Christmas Eve Candlelight Service. . . its my most favorite thing in the world.
I might be stuck in 2012 for awhile. . .

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