Monday, January 14, 2013

{Dinners and Winners}

Today I wrote my very first little note on my Lilly Pulitzer note cards.  She would be so proud. 
As I was grabbing this evenings dinner at our local CV's I spied Jolly Rancher Apple for the Scentsy!
  Oh my!
(They had watermelon too.  It was really a tough call, but I went with the Apple.) 
I am melting her right now so I will let you know if its a winner. 
Speaking of dinner and winner . . .  this ladies post today is perfect!
I am so the "5:00 Lady"!  Everyone's tired and whiny and starved.  I am tired.  No dinner plans.  Ugh.
It is my hearts desire to do better! I actually have been doing much better.  We have no extra activities going
right now and have been home most every night.  Warm dinner and togetherness is the most perfect combination.  I love her ideas and I am beyond on board!
I am so ready for her "nitty gritty"!

 I also decided that it was high time I started taking this job, that I was apparently going to have to think about every day, seriously. Edie @ Life in Grace

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