Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{I am Tonia Hobbs over there too. Sunny FL}

Yesterday after school my son took a notion to bake a cake. . .his first thought was the "normal" cake-in-pan-iced. Then he shifted to cake balls. . . 
but he ultimately chose a "volcano cake" with molten icing.  It was just fun in every-way!
It also made a fun-hot-mess! Its okay! I don't sweat things like that! 
Isn't he getting so big?  
He has the best sense of humor! He makes me laugh everyday!  He hates being late.  He feeds the dog everyday.  He makes excellent grades.  He loves the Lord.  He loves spending time with his friends. 
He loves the Bourne Movies. He loves Jack Johnson.  He is much like me. . . really.  But ever so often he will do something and I cant help but say, "Son, you are just like your Dad." (and that is not a bad thing)
 He is very particular about his clothes and room.  He is a tidy little boy.
He is a delight to me! He is precious-precious!
Today I am cleaning up the volcano mess and packing.  I am heading out early in the morning for 
SUNNY FL! I bought this shirt yesterday to celebrate! 
A trip to FL is a celebration!
I will join 100's of Children s Pastors from all over the country. It is a time of refreshment, praise & worship, 
and learning.  It is great to hear what other churches are doing and seeing how God is working. . .and
using people like me to do it. Everyday. 
I spent some time doing my kids a little "chalk art" with the date of my return. 
They are into dates.  
They love a good "count-down"! 
At 5:15 am "Daddy Duty" will officially begin. . . I am going to go ahead and lay clothes out today for Buddy and Sis.  The hair is just going to be a gamble. . . it might get brushed. . . it might not.  Teeth brushed?  Who knows?  I just pray.  Earnestly.  
This will be my last blog post until I return! 
BUT you can follow me on Instagram.
I am Tonia Hobbs over there too.


Katie said...

Love hearing about your 'little' boy :) have a safe and great trip!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

Have a great trip!