Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{Elf Watching ~ Christmas Eve 2012}

Every year after the Candlelight Service we head to The Mr.'s Sisters House.  Look at all those boys. . . and girl.  They are all growing like. . . weeds. Oh, I sound old.
{Uncle Brian giving Cole some rabbit ears.} 
We ate delicious food. 
Lounged around. 
Opened presents.
{Brads mom (NaNa Mary) sews, and she made Lily her name.  She was super excited!} 
The kids snuggled up and watched Elf. 
Cole & Clayton opted out of Elf for video games. 
So Pretty. 
Buddy was super excited he got the web blaster from his Auntie Misty. 
We finished off the evening seeing who could manage to eat the hottest pepper.
{See that tasty jar of red and green fire bombs??!!} 
{The Mr. wiping his face. . . Cole holding his throat reaching for the water. . .}
For some reason all eyes are on Uncle Mark. . . 
and he's not in my picture.

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