Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 2012}

The Candlelight Service is my most favorite thing we do at Christmas.  I look forward to closing my
eyes and praising the Lord!  This year my kids were asked to read the Christmas Story from the Bible. 
Lily was up first! She was not nervous. Crowd did not phase her. She memorized
her verses.  I made her read them! Less stress! Just read it off the i-pad, please mam! 
This lady, Shannan, has an amazing voice. She sang, A Baby Changes Everything.
Buddy was 2nd up.  Nervous, yes. BUT we had him practicing the wrong set of verses. . .
so he went cold turkey! I was nervous enough for him. . . 
I decided to send Clayton up with him "just in case". Before Buddy started he whispered in Clayton's ear,
"Don't help me, okay?"
Whew! He didnt need help! He did great! I kept taking breaths for him. It was much to read. 
Clayton finished up the story and did great!  He was embarrassed which breaks my heart, but I know (and hope and pray) its just the age.  I explained to him what an honor and privilege it was to be able to read about Jesus.
Not sure if it helped. 
Lily and Sweet Emma Grace. 
Here we all are! 
When we were heading to the car we saw Sweet Emily and her new BABY! Look! What a sweet little puppy! We ooooo'd and aaaaahhhh'd and. . . gave it right back. 
Just as we should.

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