Monday, January 28, 2013

{Happiness is Found in Serving Others.}

 These pictures seem like they were taken a million years ago. . I have been up . . . all night with The Baby.  He is sick.  He has the stomach virus.  We are all home. . .and when I say "all" I mean ALL.  The Mr. took off to help me. . . isn't that sweet?  (Lord, help me. . .a big baby too??!!)
 This weekend we volunteered at the concession stand for Upward Basketball.  We had a ball!  I took plenty of money so the kids could graze to their hearts content.  Picklesicles.  Pretzels.  Sour Straws.  Pepsi.  Candy bars.  It just made for a delicious way to serve our church!
Buddy was in charge of candy.
Sis took care of drinks.
Clayton kept us stocked up.
 It was hard to get them to focus due to the sugar high and the sour deliciousness of the pickle juice. 
 Oh yes, I failed to mention M&M's. . .
and Dr Pepper and one Dew.
Happiness is Found in Serving Others.

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Brittney said...

Oh no! Hope your little one gets to feeling better soon!