Friday, January 25, 2013

{In my Bloodstream}

 Let me just say, right out of the gate. . .The Mr. wanted to know what in the world possessed me to write on my hand in Sharpie.  Before I could get a word out the kids explained (because you know they noticed the very second they seen me), needless to say, he just didn't think Sharpie in the bloodstream would be a good thing.  Really? Well, after a few questions. . ."Did you get a tattoo?" and "What is on your hand?" I cave. I give-up on my idea.  What was genius yesterday around 2:00, was ignorant around 10:00.  Never mind.  I will figure out someway to improve my prayer life w/o doing bodily harm.  It was highly-effective! I have got that sweet soul all prayed up!
Moving on, Monday my babies were all home.  Sis spotted some pine cones in our meat market parking lot and asked if she could get a few.  Absolutely! She is my crafty-queen! I love it!
Delicious Peanut Butter Sprinkled with Yummy Birdseed.  What kind-of bird wouldn't enjoy that?

When she had almost every nook & cranny covered we hung it right outside her window.

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