Monday, January 21, 2013

{Home Sweet Home}

I am home!  As much as you enjoy a trip. . . the best part is coming home.
I learned many things, but my favorite was meeting the founder of Back2Back.  
She is amazing. Here is a bit about her. . .
Beth and her husband, Todd, live with their family in Monterrey, Mexico where they serve as Co-Executive Directors of Back2Back Ministries, an international orphan care non-profit, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.  After graduating from Indiana University with degrees in education, the Guckenbergers  moved to Monterrey, Mexico.  Since founding Back2Back in 1997, they have hosted thousands of guests on the ministry campus. Between biological, foster, and adopted children, they are raising nine children.  
Nine children y'all!  I could listen to her talk all day.  All day.
Since I am sure you know that feeling of "I want to sleep in my own bed", how about a tour?
My bedroom. . . makes me nuts.  One phobia I need to overcome is hanging things on the walls.
I cant do it. I try. . .a crooked picture drives me to more insanity.  Anyways, I almost have my bed to a state of happiness.  I still need some pillow tweaking and something (who knows what?) hanging above. 
Here's my blogging space. . .Well, more like a college students space.  The Mr. has it set-up to his liking at the moment.  The tower ON the desk is growing on me. . . eeeek. 
Sometimes I throw a throw on the bed. . .
This is one of my most favorites of all.  This cabinet.
I have high hopes curtains will adorn each side eventually.  What in the world color? 
This chair was my Mothers Day gift last year. Love. I am thinking it might need a coat of paint?
I am not sure. . . 
Would you paint it? 
See those silver pieces above the cabinet? 
I love that sort of thing at the moment.  Mercury Glass & Silver pieces.  The "genie looking one" is from Mom for Christmas. 
Have a wonderful week!
Here is Beth's Blog if you would like to follow her!
P.S.  God is amazing.  Be sure to seek him out this week. . .He is everywhere.

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Katie said...

LOVED your little house tour!