Sunday, February 17, 2013

{Do Tell!}

Hello weekenders!! How are you?  I had a wonderful weekend with my 10th grade boys.  I do believe boys are the most francinating creatures. My most favorite thing that comes to mind is that they have no inhibitions.  Underwear on the floor...they don't care.  Shoes everywhere....doesn't phase them.  Toilet seat up and towels everywhere.....completely unnoticed.  It is refreshing to me.  I really enjoyed the weekend.  It blessed my heart to hear those boys digging in Gods word.
Okay y'all! I am ready to hear some feedback! Do tell! Do tell!!

What is your most favorite???
Dear John?
The Lucky One?
Safe Haven? (If you have had a chance to see it)
I have bought all the and adore!!


Brittney said...

I just saw Safe Haven and LOVED it. It was my favorite Sparks movie so far!

Katie said...

I did love Dear John but hello! The Notebook of course, I've read all the books and can't wait to see Safe Haven!
But the soundtracks..... now that's a thought...