Friday, February 1, 2013

{International Delight in A Millionaire Cup}

 Whew, its Friday.  I am really not sure where my week went?  Lately I have been feeling like that. . .and I don't like it.  I fight business with all my might!  I had lunch today with sweet friends and met with my pastors
(Puppets made by my sweet girl)
 wife about, well, that Bible Study. . . one know. . . the one I am going to lead. 
 (imagine sweat dripping from brow and heart beating fast)
(Worms found on my kitchen table)
 I knew I would get a "start date" (March Ladies!!) today for my study so I prepared to hunker down this weekend and read. and pray. and read. and pray. 
(I don't know about you but having throw-away coffee cups makes me feel like a millionaire, not that I know what being a millionaire would feel like, but in my mind that would be it, so those are a real special treat)
This next image is just wrong at all levels.
I don't drink, let me just say that first.
  My name is Tonia Hobbs, and I am always sober. . .even though sometimes my actions are questionable. 
BUT I had this on my plane trip home from FL. . . and.I.cant.stop.
I have had some sort of tomato drink everyday since I returned home. 
And MR & MRS T (fitting, huh?) is my favorite.  I would prefer it in the cans, but cant find it. 
Well, I am sure I could at a liqueur store, but it hasn't come to that. . . yet. 
Moving on. . . I am a POM lover.  Look at these darlings I found thrifting the other day. 

Celebrated her birthday today, but somehow I managed to get gifts?!
Thank you to you!
Thank you to you too! 
 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Talk Soon!

I am so thankful my little ones are feeling better! Thank you Lord!

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