Sunday, February 3, 2013

{Love Bug}

 Its a good thing I don't fall into the "Comparison Trap"   often because. . . once again. . . Could this lady be any cuter? Seriously?  Groundhogs Day??  Anyways, this is the extent of my decor and celebration. Woo-hoo! 
 This week is The Mr.'s Birthday.  I have completely wiped my schedule clean. The Whole Day. Morning to Night.  Whatever he wants to do.  I have a feeling I will be on a 4-wheeler (please be warm!?!) & eating at a Cracker Barrel (not a problem). I am going to be intentional by not being busy on his special day.
Tonight. . .AT BEDTIME. . . the baby informed me he needed to make a Love Bug.  Oh my. 
Look at this precious boy! He is scouring Pinterest for a Valentine Love Bug! Adorable.
Bedtime + Tired Kids + Tired Mom = Doing the best we could with what little supplies we had on hand. 
Miss Crafty Lily was of course on board to help.
She had a few stickers in her Craft Arsenal thank heavens! 
 Sweet little hands hard at work.
Yes, I let him do 95% of it on his own.
 The Super Bowl was on in the living room, so all I did was try to keep him on task.
 Meet Love Bug.  
Complete with heart wings and a toilet paper roll body!
(Oh yes, The Mr. took Buddy to get his hair cut this weekend. . . I die. 
 I will be at my favorite barber to fix this little situation as soon as I can.)
In other news, I hung another picture! 
You guys have a wonderful week and we will talk tomorrow!

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