Monday, February 25, 2013

{Letting Go of Senseless Pressure}

 I don't remember talking much about Valentines this year.
I tend to make a big fuss over all holidays. . . well, as a matter of fact I enjoy
celebrating non-holidays too! I just love a good celebration!
Kids lose a tooth. Par-tay!
They learn to tie their shoes. Lets blow up some balloons!
You get the picture.
BUT this year I made a public service announcement before the kids even got out of the car.
"Mom will not be sending or bringing Love Gifts to school.
I will have you a small treat (and that's exactly what I meant) when I pick you up."
 I had a full day so I made a conscious effort to take some pressure off myself and let go of any
thoughts of my kids being the ONLY ones not having something delivered.
(It felt really good to tell myself, "GET OVER IT LADY!!")
And considering its February 24 and everyone is still alive. . . they survived it!
Besides those are the insane thoughts that cause sin and premature aging. I promise.
 Recently Lily was invited to a friends house, and she owned a Little Miss Sew & Sew. . .
How cute is that???  Little Miss Sew & Sew! SO adorable.
 These girls sewed their fingers to the bone!
They had the best time!
The next night they swapped houses 
and picked right back up where they left off.
Sewing and eating Oreos.  Dreamy.
Here are the cute little t-shirt dresses they made. (Pardon the blurry picture.)
They do have on mascara. Left-over. . . and not acquired at my house (might I add.)
A Precious Time.
Precious Girls.
(That are too young for make-up.)

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Katie said...

You crack me up!! Love the sew and sew that is to cute but I am still laughing at the makeup! I agree with you though...