Tuesday, February 26, 2013

{Overdue Eye Candy}

 I have had a very full week. . .and its only Tuesday. . . but I am good.
 These pictures are some overdue eye candy for you.
 I made a trip to the pharmacy in StoneWood Village, the pharmacy opened at 9:00. . . but
the pharmacist didn't arrive until 11:00. Sooo, I had a little time to kill. 
 I stopped at The Sewing Center just next door.  They have such a wonderful little shop.
 I made my rounds to our local Bible Book Stores and bought them out of these!
 These are some photos I took on Couch Shopping Day. . . 
 I went to Deans in Alma.  Fell absolutely in love with the old man that works there (his sons own it), and
 I refused to go anywhere else.  The couch below doesn't photograph as well as the others, but it was completely down-filled, so comfortable, and a complete bargain!! $400!!
I thought if you added lovely pillows it would just be so nice.
 Many of the other couches you see range from $4000 to $17,000. Ouch.
 I have yet to spot just the one to load up in the back of Ole' Red, but
 I am enjoying The Hunt.
I thought this little stool was sweet.
Talk Later my friends!

Do you have a favorite furniture store?

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