Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Sweet Siri}

 My weekend was full of cooking, resting, and reading.  Let me put those in order. . .
1. Resting
2.  Reading
3.  Cooking
I must confess. . . Reading, not my thing. . . Cooking, really not my thing.  BUT I am really trying.
I WANT to be a Book Worm.  I WANT to be a Chef.
Carry on.
 This recipe is from her.  I love her blog!  She is full of inspiration!
I have a feeling I butchered her soup.
(I love spinach in soup.  Its not done here, btw.)
 After my "Experiemental Soup", that was good, but voted a "One-Time Only Dish". . . I fixed, "Old Faithful".  Roast.  Its really hard to screw-up roast.  Oh, I have done it, but not in years.  Its always voted "A Keeper".
 In other news, Friday afternoon my sweet little 3G went dead, and I went into a panic.  I am not attached at the hip to my phone.  If I leave it at home I do feel naked, but I dont often go back to get it.  The one time of the day I like to have my phone is school-pick-up-time.  So I whipped my car into
Burgess Communications and took care of business.
 The 4 was .99 cents.  I just knew thats what I would do. . . until the girl. . . started talking about Sweet Siri.  She says, "You know she can text for you and tell you where the closest pizza place is." What???!! The closest pizza joint?  Oh, I-am-so-SOLD.
(I am WELL aware I am way behind the times.  I kind-of pride myself in that, so when you people have the 6,7, or 8. . . I will get the 5.)
So for $100 bucks, Siri and I have been chatting up a storm.  She likes me. 
Last but not least, I am adoring headbands.  They have been around since the beginning of time, I know, but I am loving them in my little Lily's hair.  

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