Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{I Might Need a Lift to the Mental Ward}

 Listen Y'all. . . I am about to have a complete come apart.
Let me just give y'all the short version. . . meaning I am going to leave out a-whole-lotta-crazy.
Cray-Cray, y'all. CRAY! CRAY!
My precious son.  He is anemic.  He cant swallow pills.  Have you ever tasted iron?
I am hosting 10th grade boys. . . at my house. . . in less than 65 hours and everything in my house
seems to be falling apart.
This recliner is like sitting in a busted-out-bottomed-lawn-chair.
I think I have solved the puzzle.  I need a screw. (Get your mind outta' there.) 
 The ice maker works like a charm.  Water dispenser on the fritz!  Clayton informs me this morning he hasn't drank water in 3 days due to this thing being on the blink.  Water out of the sink is unacceptable in a 12 year old world.
 I have managed to fix this thing too. . . I cleaned out the freezer and vacuumed underneath and moved some tubes around. . . I possibly see a flood in my near future. 
Oh yes, my couch is on my last nerve.  Its peeling and I cant take it another day.  I went couch shopping yesterday, and I will share more about that later, but I have this thing pushed as close to the front door as I can get it (with laundry still on it. . . is that not hilarious!?) so The Mr. will know I mean business.
Out with it!
Did I mention my computer has some sort of virus too!  Delta has become my new search engine! Crazy HIJACKERS! Makes me crazy! 
Lets talk later, shall we?  I will let you know if I need a ride to the mental hospital.
(SIDEWAYS crazy!)


Katie said...

O my word! You crack me up! Love this 'cray cray' post!

Brittney said...

Bless your heart! At least your attitude is still lighthearted, even if everything is falling apart!

Lobster Meets Peach said...

Well no matter what you still have your good sense of humor! Hang in there:)

Meagan said...

I have a sweet baby boy just down the road over here on Pecan Lane if you need a break from the real world for a bit of baby lovin'!