Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I hated not to blog yesterday! I had a chance but The Mr. was on the computer doing school work. 
I decided it might not be the best time to ask if I can do a post!
He might've come UNGLUED!
Can I just say going back to school is a real challenge! I am sure I have shared that before
but honestly I don't see how he is working full time, going to school full time, having any kind of life, and not killing us. He's doing great! 
I am study up a storm for my little (well, it hasn't been so little! Yay!) Bible Study! I love it! 
I love all the ladies! Each week I am asking them to share their verse through social media.  It
has been fun and encouraging! I have so enjoyed seeing them!  I nestled mine in the kitchen this week.
Having Gods Word front and center does help! 
I shared many of these photos on Instagram, but I just had to add some words.
The officers funeral Saturday was so sad.  
(But they were some of the most joyful people I have ever met!)
Most days I really don't think about being apart of the Law Enforcement Community.
This day was a little bit of a reality check for me. . .It made my bones hurt. 
My heart was swollen with pride. . . .
These men and women truly love each other regardless of any indifference.
They are family. 
I pray for Brad, but I don't worry so much.
 (mostly the calls that come in the night are the most bothersome to me)
 Every morning I hear him pull the Velcro on that vest. . . and I trust the Lord with him. 
 The Mr. knows what hes doing, and I find comfort in that. 
 I could gush and gush about him. . . but I will spare you.  
(I am not so much a public gusher)
You can read more about sweet Terry here. He was very much loved.
 I spent much of my yesterday shopping for Beach Picture Clothes. 
After going to
We are wearing $6 t shirts. . . mixed with some stripes and linen.
Let me just say. . . shopping ain't my thing.
Especially when trying to 1/2 way coordinate 5 people.
 I came across this tweet and had to "favorite" and "retweet" and share here!
This is so true!
This is W.W.J.D.
I will talk more soon!
I must share about the IDITAROD!
Ever heard of it??!!??

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