Friday, April 12, 2013

{Backyard Bible VBS Baseball}

Mission Simplify has begun! I took everything off the top of my cabinets. And instead of loving it. . . It looks like we are moving out. Soooo, I have a strict "Sleep on it" policy so that's what I am going to do.

I started back at the gym this morning and chained myself to the eliptical for 60 minutes. Yes. 1 hour. But 60 minutes sounds more intense. It's my plan. Mon-Fri 60 Blissful Eliptical Minutes.

Baseball has started and I am a happy camper. We are on the most laid back team and I love laid back and sports mixed!! We are practicing at a team members home, and many of the team members go to our church. So it's a lot like being at a Backyard Bible VBS. . . And my word y'all, you know I like anything that feels like church and friends mixed together!! Clayton is helping "coach" and I am thrilled. . . Him? Not so much. What is it with pre-teens. . . EVERYTHING is a complete put out?!?!?! Pllleeeeeaaaasssseeee! Get out there and play some catch!!

I ate lunch with a sweet friend today. She is building a new home so I took a tour! Love it! Her little girl is super excited about having a "drive-thru" window in her bedroom. . . And if she serves 1/2 Cut Tea I will be there!!!!

Last but not least, some eye candy from Pottery Barn.

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Katie said...

I wish we lived closer. I agree with so much of what you say and enjoy your family and you. You are a special person. Good for you on the treadmill oh my word 60 min!! I have been running the hill by my house, it only takes 10 min but it is so hard. You know I love PB!!