Thursday, April 11, 2013

{Butcher Block, BAM!}

Blogging from the phone again. . . This could absolutely be the greatest thing since sliced bread!
The only thing is I can't figure out how to put words in between pics. . . Do you know how?
So I will just briefly discuss my photos way up here!
I am trying to replace the rockers in our church nursery and I love the look of this mod rocker. Not for the littles but maybe the older toddlers. I love the fact it has no fabric on it since I am a complete germ-a-phobe. I will probably need to stick with the gliders for the rooms with crawlers and where there is much rockin' going on. Do you know how many times I have washed those in my 7 year Nursery Director career??? You don't want to know!
FYI Baseball Survival Meal Mode must include Butcher Block Casseroles. Y'all, you can't beat the price or the taste. They are homemade, really! They are! Just not by you. In your home. I usually get the Chicken Speggheti and the Mexican dip type casserole with some chips. Heat. Serve. Bam!
Couch hunting continues and Deans recieved the first round of Flexsteels new line. I am holding out to see all of it. They are supposed to have a tufted sofa on about 4 to 6 more weeks so I will keep you posted. . . The photos give you a glimpse of my identity crisis. . . Since everything in my house is dark. But it's my new thing. Simple. Crisp. Linen.
The last photo is some eye-candy from the Now and Then Shoppe in Ft Smith. One of the last perfect gift/antique stores of its kind in our area.
I could talk all night but guess I will shut my eyes. . . Morning comes quickly these days.
Love, Tonia


Meagan said...

Those butcher block casseroles got me through the first week of new baby! SO yummy.

Brittney said...

Where is this Butcher Block? I must know!

eas said...

The casseroles look so good. Where do you buy them?

Tonia Hobbs said...

The Butcher Block is at the bottom of Fianna Hills in Ft Smith...okay let me plan your day! Go to the MCD'S and get a sweet tea 1/2 cut! Then cross the street to Remember When for some antique browsing. Head to Harps for groceries and complete it with a run in th Butcher Block! The Driscolls that go to our church own it! Have fun!!

Katie said...

Tonia I know I say this often but you crack me up! I love your day plan. haha! Got to check out those casseroles and love that couch!

Shannon said...

I swoon at the lighter stuff now too. My house is flat out dark. And, thanks to the curse of migraines, it will likely forever be that way. But, you get that lighter furniture and I'll stop by often and sit on it and drink sweet tea. Because with my boys + my dogs + an occasional chick or two, frogs, whatever....mine would last but a day. And, it wouldn't be a full day at that! LOVE!