Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{God Bless.}

Just like many of you. . . last night was a lllooonnnggg night.  This weather.  Oklahoma. Complete heartbreak. My heart aches for the families and those parents that were standing in the middle of an intersection waiting to see if their baby would be pulled out of the rubble.  Unbearable.
I decided to keep my kiddos home with me today.  I wanted them close.  I took full advantage and painted their sweet hands.
They are getting a tad old (especially the 12 year old boy), but they all cooperated cheerfully.
My flower pot, which will be filled with rosemary.  I love the smell of rosemary.
Clayton had to turn his hand sideways. . . oh bless this poor Mommas heart.
Sweet Carson's hand.
Sweet Lily's hand.
Here is some other Art they have done for me. . .

Hope you enjoyed!
Once again pardon the blur!
It is time to break out the Nikon again.  Blogging from my phone is so much easier, but I like crisp pictures.
Other thoughts for the day:
I am completely impressed with the OK lady Governor. Kudos to her.
I am thankful I am married to a "helper". 
I am praying for the heartbroken.
God Bless.


Lobster Meets Peach said...

Happy to hear tat you kept your "babies" close by with all this crazy weather!

Katie said...

LOVE the handprint pot idea! Need to do that!