Friday, June 14, 2013

{The 1st Check-in of The Summer}

 Hello! How is your summer? We have been cruising right along. . .late nights, long talks,
sitting outside, BBQ out back, swimming, church camp, VBS, tennis lessons, friends, video games, 
board games, and all sorts of other fun. . . like ice cream!
I am managing to keep my "the vine" alive. See my adorable flag from my Sweet Shaina! I just love it!
She brought it to me at a time I really needed some cheer!
 I have been to 3 funerals within the past 2 weeks. 
 My heart has been full of sorrow.  Sorrow, y'all! I mean it!
 The Baby had his very last ballgame last night.
He hit 2 home runs! Oooooo, how your heart swells with joy when your
kids are beaming with happiness.  I have absolutely loved watching my boys play baseball
each summer.  The Teenager Boy hasn't played in a few years (gulp.), but watching The Baby
has been wonderful.  AND I really don't miss Field Hopping.
 He typically plays 2nd or 3rd base.  
He is super smart.
He is super speedy.
Thank you baseball for being so great. . . and ending before it is complete heat misery outside.

In case you need code for the kids. . .
Clayton aka The Teenager Boy
Carson aka Buddy or The Baby
Lily aka Sweet Sis

Talk soon!

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Lobster Meets Peach said...

I am so sorry for your losses. It is never easy to be left behind. I hope and pray that Summer and family time might help your heart.