Monday, June 24, 2013

{VBS. . . I think not.}

 Would it be Summer without Vacation Bible School? 
I think not.    
The problem is. . . my kids are getting too old for it. 
 See all the "Teal Shirts"? 
Next year my kids can wear those and help lead! 
Thank Heavens for The Baby! 
As you can see he nestled right in with his
 snow cone 
and listened to a man in a M&M vest bring stories about Jesus to life.
 Our VBS this year was at our city park.  The kids rotated among the different stations outside.
 We had several kiddos and they all had a great time!
 Everyone would gather before and after and sing praises! Here is my Sis.
 Is there anything better than a Bible Story under a tree? I think not.
As The Baby went from station to station I soaked it all in like a . . . Mom. . . wondering where time goes and hanging on to what I have for dear life.

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Lobster Meets Peach said...

I was just informed that next year B will no longer be a "camper" but a junior leader. She was overjoyed. I needed a moment.

I totally feel your pain friend!