Thursday, July 11, 2013

{Aprons & Chick-fil-A}

(The above. . . Yard Sale finds from early Spring)

Today I am going to be productive! 
I bought some of the cutest aprons for our church nursery and I am going to find hooks to 
hang them.
  I cant decide if I want to hang them in the rooms or in the halls.
I hope that is the biggest decision I have to make today.

What would you do? Hall or Rooms?  Our hallways are a little. . . plain.

And then its off to Walmart for Goldfish, Lysol, and Baby Wipes!
Y'all are jealous. . . I can tell.
Good thing is its a "Fort Smith Day". . . and you know what that means. . . Chick-fil-A!

Oh and thanks for not making me paint Lily's bed!!!

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