Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{Yellow and Gray}

 Well, here it is! All the fruit from our Online Yard Sale labor!
Lily was DEAD set on Yellow and Gray.  I struggle, but I am super proud.
When I say she put all this together herself. . . its true!
 The purchases were made in stages as we sold our items we no longer used or needed.
 And we slowly added and added.
 Oops, I wasnt crazy about this add. . .
 MMMmmm, chevron pillow. . . I love you but I think I will put you in a chair perhaps.
 The accessories were the last purchases we made.
 Lily is my SUNSHINE for sure!
 Anything from Proverbs 31. . . perfect.
 Cute little bulletin board!
The goal is to combine these accessories with the pictures my precious friend Shannon has taken of her.
I am super excited about our finds so far and I will show you all when we are done!

Would you paint the bed?


Becky Ames said...

I love it! I think that sweet girl did a great job!

Katie said...

I love the bed it is classic. I love her ideas. Very good!!

Meagan said...

Ok I need a lesson in Online yard Sale!! This looks adorable.