Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{Sno Cone Straws & Peretti}

 Good Morning!  I have declared today National Cleaning Day at my house.  
The Mr. is working a 12 hour shift for patrol (which I know he is loving!(I really do mean that. . .he loves being on the streets)  so me being the sweet wife thought. . . perhaps today is the day he can come home to a clean house. 
I found sno cone straws!
 I am sure these have been out since the dawn of time, but I haven't noticed!
 I (yes, me) read this book in 4 days. 
 4 days people. 
 Its a record, so I am making for sure it is recorded.  
My music minister at church recommended it to me. . . he said it changed the way he prayed. . . 
I can see that for sure.
I still like The Shack better, but this book will keep you interested. 
 Piercing the Darkness is next, but I haven't started that yet.
I am doing my darn best to become a Reader. . . if I have to twist my own arm I am going to do it!!
 I framed The Baby's Abe Lincoln.  Oh.My.Word.  I love it!
 My Sweetheart Friend Shannon grabbed these ferns for me and I am completely enjoying them!
I have managed to keep them alive for 3 weeks now.  
My Sweetheart Friend Heather needs to get busy and post her backyard. . . Heather, we are waiting.  Serious Fern Eye Candy.
 I am a clay pot lover, and when I spied these brown ones a Wal-Mart I picked up a couple.
I planted these lovely hot pink and light pink flowers inside them.
Well, for much more happenings around here. . . follow me on IG.
I am going to post soon about geocaching for you interested ones!

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Lobster Meets Peach said...

Oh my! What a sweet drawing of Abe!!!