Thursday, July 4, 2013


 Happy Happy 4th!!!
 I love this day! 
I must confess. . . I feel a little bummed I didn't just sign up for the stinkin' 5k!
I couldn't run the whole time. . .but I worked it a couple of years and it just made my holiday.
So if I am completely honest I feel a tad bummed this morning!
And in moments all the FUN pictures will roll in of people crossing the finish line. . .
 so I will wallow in self pity as I see all of those. . . 
 Where is my holiday spirit? 
Okay, I am back on track. . . just had to put all those feelings out there!
 I spent much of my yesterday cleaning and getting my house a tad festive for the day!
 I am in absolute love with my Stars and Stripes throw that I scored at a yard sale. 
The lady said she paid $135 dollars for it, so it eased my $20 pain a little.
I love to yard sale for fun!
 I like to just take a certain amount of cash and see what all I can score!
So spending $20 at one sale can devastate my day, but how could I say no??
 I have also been cleaning out and going nuts on the Online Yard Sale. . .
 which I am wondering if people are starting to talk about me. . .
 but once I started cleaning out
 and seeing space
 and breathing
 I was hooked!!
I will share more on that later. . .
 Sweet Potato Vine is still alive!  
AND even though I am feeling down I didn't attempt to run 
 at least go clap at the finish line I am thankful I am 

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Katie said...

Your home is absolutely gorgeous!! I love your new couch and all your stuff.