Tuesday, July 9, 2013

{The Crazy Organized System}

Hey! Are y'all ready to hear about my latest crazy obsession??
The Online Yard Sale!
 It is just crazy really?! 
And I am certain fb lovers are so tired of people like me filling
 "The Feed" 
with junk (aka Treasures). . .but I am having a blast with it!
The above picture is my Crazy Organized System.
Sticky Notes with Names and Pick Up Times!
 I typically do Farmers Bank for pick up. . .
 1. Its convenient 
 2.  They have cameras!
Lily has been wanting to re-do her room for about a year.  
I have been holding onto this pink and green with all my might, but. . . I finally let go.
AND what made it sooo great was the lady who bought it made up her little girls bed and sent me a picture!
(Now y'all know me. . . I try to make friends with all my Yard Sale Peeps)
She loved it so, and that eased my "my daughter is growing up too fast" pain.

Here are just a few tips from yours truly:
1.  I haven't had much luck with things over $30 so if I can divide the same items $10 each its better.
2.  As much as I love my Greenwood Yard Sale. . . things go much quicker on the Fort Smith Site.
3.  Prime Time to Sell 7 pm-10:30 pm
4.  Make Pick UP work best for you!
5.  Speaking of P/U Greenwood Sale wants you only to offer Greenwood P/U
I don't believe Ft Smith has a rule??!!? BUT they do get a tad irritated when you say
"Greenwood P/U Only"

I have a feeling I might not be making much sense so I will stop rambling.

Also, when Brittney mentioned Sale vs Sell I couldn't help but LOL!
I need GRAMMAR POLICE all the time on my shoulder!
Confession:  Sometimes I have to change the sentence because I don't know how to spell a word.
Oh my goodness, I tell you people WAY too much!
Am I the only one who does that????

FYI . . .

"Sale" is a NOUN meaning "the act of selling

"Sell" is a VERB meaning to sell, or exchange something for money or other goods. 

I still am not sure I understand. . . 
Now off to bleach my tub!!


Lobster Meets Peach said...

I need to look into this! I have ton of "stuff" in our home that needs to leave now!!!

Katie said...

You crack me up! That is all! :)