Thursday, August 29, 2013

{Practice what I Preach}

  Dunkin' Donuts, y'all. . . I am in love. . . have you tried them?
 Football has started!
 Its Clayton's first year to be a BULLDOG!
It is much different than what we are used to playing Pittbull. . . and I am welcoming the change with open arms!

 I pray he has a great season. 
 I pray for safety.
  I pray he keeps football in its proper place on the "life scale".
 I start leading a new Bible Study on Monday! Made to Crave to about making good food choices. . . and considering the first picture of this post you can imagine it might be a tad difficult for me to 
practice what I preach! 
 Although I am sure it will be challenging I am looking forward to the study and fellowship.  
If you are in the area. . . 
Monday Eve 8:30 PM
ROC First Baptist Church


Desiree Brazil said...

I can't wait for Monday!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Great blog. I'm new and love your posts. One thing you said, about keeping football in perspective really rang a bell with me. My grandsons play and it seems it takes over everyone's life during the season. I'm hoping at some point they keep it in perspective too! Ironically, there dad is a football coach and athletic director at their high school so we're fighting up uphill battle I'm afraid. I'll be around looking at archives. Blessings!