Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Fly HIGH Buddy}

 August 11 Clayton turned 13 and August 30 Carson aka "The Baby" & "Buddy" turned 8. 
Really, 8? My-O-My.  8 is a super fun age! The little critter loves life and is super easy to please.  He still loves toys and doesn't mind running around the house in his underwear.  He can read, write, and do good math.  He loves baseball, church, and swimming.  
 I had this great idea for a "black light" glow party. . . okay, epic fail.  Good thing I stayed up the night before trying to make myself glow.  You must have serious "shop light" bulbs and many of them.  So, be a planner., and order online.  Because buying light bulbs for your dining room chandelier at The Home Depot the day before wont cut it.  
 So I switched gears and went with Neon and Glow Sticks. It was a hit!
 I love all things NEON. 
Buddy ask for a Remote Control Airplane every year for Christmas and his birthday. . . every year.
We have bought him a few. . . the last attempt was at Christmas and it died a painful death by privacy fence. 

This year The Mr. delivered by ordering him one online (all on his own. . .very impressive).
The card said, "Fly High Buddy!"
Oh, my word. . . that was a gift to me!
Sometimes The Mr. can be so sweet and clever. . . sometimes.
(It takes LE officers a bit to decompress. . . )

Buddy, Mom thinks its so cute how you cuddle every morning with Dad.  I am proud of you for taking care of the dog all by yourself.  You are super considerate and generous.  Thank you for praying for me during your moment of silence at school, and telling me about it.  Oh yes, you are the only little boy that can take 5 second showers and still smell like strawberry fields.
I love you.

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