Thursday, September 5, 2013

{With or Without a Phone}

 I have yet to post about my sweet teenage boys 13th birthday. . . 
perhaps this #1-#4 list will help . . .
and you can read between the lines. . . 

#1.  He is super private. I read a great article about respecting your kids privacy if they wish not to be blogged, instagramed, facebooked, etc. and I wish I could find it! (I think it was here, but none the less this is a great blog). . . .Clayton is that kid.  I cant take a picture really without him asking, "Mom, are you posting that?" So. . . I have cooled my jets! 
 #2.  He is a "candy basket" lover.  I fixed him a HUGE one, enclosed was a card about a trip to Branson, MO to ride the coasters (which he loves).
(We decided on a trip instead of a party)
(Lily anxiously awaiting him opening her present.  She bought him Monopoly with her own money.  Buddy checking out the candy.)
 #3.  Here is where it gets a tad complicated. . . he didn't get a phone. . . he wasn't a happy camper.  The Mr. & I aren't exactly feeling the "need" for one just yet. . . and my list of all the "whys" and "why nots" is long but I feel confident at this point with our decision.  
 #4.  Not sure where to end my story, but to say the weekend was long-and-painful might be an understatement.  And I will spare you of details, but let me just say raising teenagers in an "electronic world" is a challenge.  And when you have a mom with an "Old Yeller" mentality I am sure its a real drag. . .what can I say?

*Clayton, Mom loves you.
 You are the most adorable creature on the planet.
  You are full of strength and courage.
  You are smart and strong.
  You are brilliant and brave.
  You will move mountains and tame the seas. . . with or without a phone. 


Katie said...

Oh Tonia you speak to my "scared of teenagers in my house already" self. Your little note to Clayton is beautiful. Bless you for standing strong :)

Brittney said...

It must be so strong to do what's right for your family, instead of bending. way to go! Praying for you!