Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{Home Management}

 Good Morning!
 I have spent my morning doing a little "Home Management".  Have I ever shared that I feel like my house runs more smoothly and is more harmonious when its . . . clean?  Not to mention a clean house is one of my husbands most favorite things. . . ahem. . . I do good. . .in spurts.  The house will be clean for say. . . oh. . . 3 days (max). . . and then. . . 2 weeks . . . of . . . oh. . . ahem. . . destruction?? My kiddos have always helped out around the house, but I am kinda' tired of repeating myself (you think?? after 10 years??).  So this morning, thanks to a frame, magnetic strip, and Publisher. . .TA-DA! Chore Chart. Complete with Colossians 3:23, of course.
 Could a day go by without thinking of growing crystals that aren't growing. . . no.  I think it might be time to switch projects a couple of days before the due date. . . shall we? This has not been good for my self esteem since this was supposed to be "one of the most simple" projects.  Any Science Fair ideas for this mom?
 I have added a tad more Halloween here and there. . . 
 Who could live without glitter bat garland? 
and a sparkly web?


Lobster Meets Peach said...

Last year growing sugar crystal seemed to take over our lives! Best of luck!!!

Katie said...

You are such a good mom! My house is the same way. My kids can get very lazy we talked about this before. We even serve the spoon when we pour the cereal in the morning. (: Can you take more pictures of your house and decorating? I like how you put that lamp in your cabinet. Did you add a little hole for the cord in the back?