Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{On the planet. Ever.}

Lets catch up on these kiddos. . .
  Lily is doing great in school. 5th Grade! She seems to be having a great year. Lily is a social butterfly!  She is in to every project and extra activity at school she can get her hands on!  She made a great grade on the animal cell.  She has now moved onto a Science Fair Project. . . it is going to push me over the edge.  I encouraged her to pick out something fairly simple.  We chose to grow candy rock crystals. . . the only problem is. . . they aren't growing.  I am trying to block it out of my mind, but I find all throughout the day I am worrying about whether or not I have crystals growing in my kitchen.  She is taking tumbling on Mondays (She had to choose between Pitbull Cheer or tumbling) (One activity at a time. . .my sanity is important).  This has been a great experience.  She is building much confidence too!  Life is good in Lily's little world . . .
 Clayton is growing and changing so rapidly I am trying to remain full of joy and enjoy every moment!!!  I have recently encountered a few "instances" that have caught me slightly off guard, but we are cruising on through these days with grace. . . honestly, much grace.  This week I have talked to 3 (THREE) Godly mothers that have "been there and done that".  I love advice.  I love listening.  I love hearing what might work or what might blow up in your face! Thought I would lighten things up!  Clayton is a great kid, and is doing great in school. 7th Grade! He didn't start off real optimistic about school, but as the year is speeding by us he is really having a great year. . . as long as I pack his lunch, and he has an insane amount of credit on his "Snack Cart Account".  I love it! The boy likes to eat!  He is loving Ministry 412 at our church.  The photo above is their recent Heart Balloon Creation.  Clayton is loving football.  We have games every Tuesday Eve.  Today! Game Day!  
And then there's Buddy. . . who could possibly resist this blonde-haired-cotton-top-baby???
Buddy is doing great! He loves loves his teacher, Mrs. Langley.  2nd Grade!  He writes his spelling words three times to study every week like a champ! He always aces his test too!  He loves playing football and has managed not to break his neck on the roller blades he was gifted for his birthday.  And the best news of all I have to share . . . every so often I still catch him in a cape!

Isn't being Mom great?
It is my most favorite thing to do on the planet. Ever.  

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Katie said...

Loved this little update! Your kiddos are precious :)