Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{Nashville Bound}

Tomorrow I am heading here!

  I am really excited, but Lily is sick. 
 What Mom can go out of town before someone needs a doctor visit, antibiotics, and vomits in the car? 
 Yes, that was my afternoon yesterday and morning today. 
 Honestly, it is my joy and honor!
  I will tuck back my tears
 tomorrow because I wont want to leave a sick baby behind! 
Thank Heavens for The Mr., my mom, and my dear friends! 
 I am looking forward to hearing her  and her speak! 
Speaking of Angela Thomas check out her blog post here.
  It is just outstanding and inspiring! 

 I want to learn as much as I can about discipleship. 
 I am praying that the Lord will comfort me today as sometimes I feel like I get ahead of my "Seasons".
  I want to be real involved in Women's Ministry, and pretty much any avenue that could lead one to Christ. . . but I am still "Mom" here first, and much needed at home.
  Balance is key, but sometimes looks a little misty and blurred.
I need His reassurance that all is well! 

Talk next week!

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