Monday, December 9, 2013

{Ice Ice Baby (sorry, couldn't help myself...eek!)}

 How are you making it this holiday season?
 So-far-so good here! 
We just survived a major ice storm. 
No Power.
 Pallets in the living room.
 Food in a cooler. 
 Burning left over candles from my sisters wedding. . . I knew those would come in handy!
  I really don't sweat situations like such.  
Now let me say, everything felt dirty to me.  That bugged me.  Mushy snow is dirty.
  But I would MUCH rather be out of power and have running water.
 I love and appreciate clean water coming out of a faucet. 
 I love and appreciate a flushing toilet. 
 So really power was nothing more than no TV and Gadgets. . . well. . . an oven. . .and heat, but other than that it wasn't bad.  We survived! 
 How are you making it with your elf? 
Ours. . . well. . . shes tired and forgetful, but she springs into action ever now and again.
 Clayton keeps telling me I don't understand how its supposed to work.  
As in, our elf isn't mischievous enough.. . .
This really doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  I am not a mischievous person, and if it wasn't for all those Pinterest ideas I wouldn't have a clue.
I just assume she hang out in the stable all day with Baby Jesus and Mary.
That is where I would be!
This week she did find some mischief by unrolling the toilet paper down the hall.  
The kids just raise their brows. . .perhaps some of the magic goes away when all your children are almost in their teens? 
You think? 
 I don't know who is more in denial? 
Me or Them?
Oh well, its just for fun and I love it!
(and so do they!)

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Katie said...

haha Tonia this made me laugh! Our elf (Chippy) isn't very michievous either. He is a good one that randomly changes lookout spots and sometimes brings little goodies. I can't get into the mess making thing! ha!