Thursday, December 5, 2013

{Over the Holiday. . .}

 I got ahead of myself and skipped to Christmas yesterday, but I wasn't quite finished talking about
 Over the holiday Lily took her first hunting trip with her Papa.
  The Mr. isn't a real big "hunter" so this is where grandparents are super important.  
Grandparents fill in many gaps, and
 the older I get the more I realize and see the importance of that.  
The Mr. and I are raising them but I consider it such a blessing
 that others are willing to pour into their lives (family or not)! 
 I think of it as rich gravy on warm mashed potatoes!  
So to all you sweet and precious moms
 out there whom feel like you have to do it all yourself. . . let others help! 
Let others enrich your child's life.  
Let people you love and trust teach and love on your kids too.  
 (Lesson I have learned. . )
Now Lily didn't actually kill the deer herself. . .but her Papa made sure she felt like it! 
Love that.

Our Sweet Cousin Benny got him one too!

Rainy cold ice is coming down outside.
  I think I need some flannel sheets. . .do you have some?
 Do you like them?  I don't like it when the "ball up"? 
Do you know what I am talking about?

Praying for my sweet friend, Stacy. . .her Grandfather passed this week.
Prayers for you.

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