Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{Lily turns 11!}

This was fun y'all! I mean it! 
How ever much fun throwing a birthday party for Middle School/Preteen Girls can be! Did I mention my husband was gone with the military?
 Oh-no-he-wasn't . . . 
Oh-yes...he was. . .
{Lovely SAMS cupcakes (cant beat them!), smashed pinkie one on the side-LOVE that too!}
Just look at this precious 11 year old girl!

My day started with needing 15 BIG bouncy balls!
 I went to Walmart.
You know the BIG Cage?
They were in that thing.
All on TOP.
All the starts, polka dots, and chevron. . .
ON Top.
So I ask for help.
Got lots of help.
IG'd & FB'd my experience and landed that Walmart Employee some huge recognition.
Cool, huh?
A little customer service goes a long way with me...true that.
Lily wrote on each ball.
"Thank you for coming to my party!"
Now to get them hung up in the rafters of the pavilion. . . 
$8 bird net from Yeager's.
We did it!
{"We" in with my parents help! Thank you Lord (seriously)}
Cokes on Ice.
Swedish Fish for the Ocean Water.
Sprite with a little blue food coloring. . .
Thank you, Pinterest. 
I Love You.
Lily always request the Candy-In-The-Jar Guessing Game.
I really like it too.
Such a small thing that brings such fun.
Nothing like a little friendly competition right?
Is "Girl Stuff" not the cutest?
Oh, it is! I just love all the smell-good, sparkles, and bright pink!
Oh my stars, I love these girls.
So much Sweetness.
All of it. . . including SASS!

Lily, I love and adore you.
You make me happy from head to toe!
Happy Birthday to you!

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