Friday, September 26, 2008

{Allergies vs. Cold}

I am tired of trying to decide is it a cold or is it allergies? Have you asked yourself that time and time again concerning your little ones? I sent Clayton and Lily to school today. Clayton on antibiotics due to "tooth situation". . . Lily, who knows. She still doesnt seem like herself. We rented some Barbie movies (which are pretty good) got some craft stuff, and plan on getting some rest. Maybe that will help.

Carson just told me that he's never going to play with me again, because I won't let him wear his Flashin' Lightining McQueen shirt for the 3rd day in a row. . . .needless to say he has it back on.

I am thankful to hear about Nie's skin graft and so much good about FIREPROOF.

P.S. No Hancocks for me today . . . it just wasnt in the cards.

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Shannon said...

I hope they feel better soon!! I'm enjoying your blog so much!