Wednesday, September 24, 2008

{A Letter for Lily}

Today I got the dreaded call from the "Nurses Station" Lily threw-up in the cafeteria. Oh, I just hated it. I picked her up and now she is sitting in the kitchen at her table drawing pictures of me and her with 3 sunshines and lots of hearts.
Speaking of hearts after reading other blogs today something became heavy on my heart.
Home cooked meals.
Reading Time.
Healthy Snacks.
Clean Home.
Nice and Neat. . .
Someday, Lily, If its Gods will you'll have your own little family. My prayer is that you'll stay focused on God and be full with riches that come from him. And if you have days you want to go, go , and go. You may just need to stay home and work around the house. I am saying this, of course, to myself. I know you'll be alot smarter than me, but just know I had days like these. . . you may work at a job, but don't if you don't have to . . . and make sure you have to. Material things are nice, but nothing like an opportunity to use an endless supply of Hello Kitty band-aids, wiping little bottoms and noses, folding laundry, fixing carrots and ranch, and doing more laundry. Read Proverbs 31 and keep it close to your heart. If us moms can stay focused on making our homes a Godly refuge and a quite peaceful place, it will be easier for you to groom Godly children. Well, mom has to get busy doing some housework and maybe even a little organizing. . . I am so glad I am home with you.
Love & Kisses Sis,


Mischelle Coston said...

Love this! Beautiful! What an honor, really, it is to be a mommy, especially one who resists the alluring call of "busy-ness".
I read your post about your accountability group. Is this through church? Just wondering - sounds fabulous (in a convicting sort of way). :o)

Tonia Hobbs said...

Well, I guess I shouldnt really call it a "group" but I meet with Rae Deal. . .she is tough. Sweet, but tough. I didnt have all my "work" done either and I had to confess about how much time I have been investing in "Blog World". . . she suggested I set a timer!! I am in trouble now girl!!! I told on myself. I have always be soooo honest!! Heres another one for you. . . Who's salvation are you going to pray for in 2008? See what I mean?