Friday, July 24, 2009

{Yesterdays Stop #3}

My day just wouldn't have been
complete with out going here!!
I have been wanting
to go into their
new store, and I finally had my chance.
It did not disappoint. . .

This rug is on my wish list.
They are the neatest things.
I have one by my back door.
Indoor or Outdoor.
Machine Washable ladies!

Charming old door.

Cute & Trendy Freezer / Grocery storage Bags!
Check out the red cart . . .love it!

Ummmm, as I was browsing I looked over and spotted this little rascal chewing gum from the cute little "display only" glass apothecary jar. Oops! At least he didn't break it!

Jar that has "eat me" wrote all over it!

Tea Towel Heaven!

Cute little green apple.

Calling all HOG fans!

I spy Green and Brown together. So pretty.

Hey Bunko ladies, this might be something you would like.

They have added a great section of books.
You know me and books?
I cant hardly pass them up.

Mmmmm, what is this? Looks fun . . . .

This fun went home with me!
Complete with Tickle Gloves!!

What else did we get??

A cookie, of course.

Buddy was one happy "tickley-giggly" guy!
Thank you Creative Kitchen for allowing me to take pictures.
Your store is marvelous & fabulous!
Thank you for making Buddy feel right at home.
He loves your "kitchen"!!
We will be back!
Talk Later.
Love, Tonia

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Sherry said...

Thanks for whetting my appetite! I've gotta go now!