Sunday, April 3, 2011

{Now this is "Fun" in My Book}

Look at this precious little girl! I love the "cheeses" that look like this!
Now me on the other hand. . . 
I have super squint-e eyes.
Oh well, on with my day!
We recently added a new "nursing mothers room" to our nursery. 
I seen these chairs and thought I couldn't buy them for sweeter people!
Guess who stopped by the nursery today??
Mmmm. . . . 
Could it be. . . Mr. CC. . . Yes it is. . . .(he has NO clue he is all the buzzzz). 
God love him.
Other sweetness I have shared before. . .
Sweet Mommy Shaina & Baby J. 
We also had a new baby visit us today!
We love new babies!
Miss M.L.

Isn't God good to me?
He is.

I love my church.
Come see us!

Also, I must praise God today!
I spied an answered prayer across the courtyard today.
I have been praying this family would come back to church!
Thank you God!


Mom2Three said...

Ok, I have to ask where did the chairs and pillows come from??? :))

Rachel said...

I love Ellie! And those three boys reading in that chair :)

Tonia Hobbs said...

Hey Mrs Heather!

Jessica S. said...

Wow!!! A nursing room! What a great addition and SO cute!!! =)